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20:00-22:30 (CET)


5 mins introduction
15 mins rheumatology and tendons overview
30 mins SpA and Tendons
30 mins RA and Tendons
30 mins case studies and discussion
30 mins Q&A

Learn and understand the impact of inflammatory pathology on tendons, differential diagnosis and onward referral.
Rheumatologic conditions can masquerade as tendon pathology which is extremely common in sports settings.
For this reason it is vital to recognise a possible rheumatologic pathology as the underlying reason.

Who is Jack March?

Jack is Operations Director for Chews Media this role includes project management and delivery of Therapy Live conferences, The Physio Matters Podcast Network and Rheumatology.Physio projects.
The website Rheumatology.Physio was built by Jack over the last 6 years incorporating CPD materials he creates, these include but are not limited to bespoke
course delivery, multimedia resources, hardcopy learning materials. He is widely regarded as the Physiotherapist to consult on Rheumatology topics and speaks
regularly at conference events. Clinically he works for Chews Health with complex second opinion cases in Rheumatology. He has worked across the private and public sectors, within primary and secondary care as well as within specialist and generalist posts since qualifying in 2008.



Iustina et al, Structural damage in rheumatoid arthritis: comparison between tendon damage evaluated by ultrasound and radiographic damage Rheumatology 2016;55:1042:1046

Axel P Villani, Stéphanie Boutroy, Céline Coutisson, Marie-Christine Carlier, Loïs Barets, Hubert Marotte, Bertrand Richert, Roland D Chapurlat, Denis Jullien, Cyrille B Confavreux, Distal phalangeal bone erosions observed by HR-pQCT in patients with psoriatic onycholysis, Rheumatology

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