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Time & Date: Wednesday, 12th of May at 20:00-22:30 (CET)

Accreditation: For info’s on accreditation please go to the tab CEU/CPD



In this webinar, you will discuss the current definition of pain, learn why the current does pain management have to change. Furthermore, Lars will elaborate on the shortcomings of the biomedical model and the “fix it” mindset. At last, the webinar will focus on current problems around pain management and how can we do better as clinicians



The clinician will learn the central and required conceptual elements of modernization in pain rehabilitation. The clinician will also learn a modern approach to the treatment of people with pain that they can immediately apply in their clinical practice. This strategy reinforces and enhances the interventions they already use.


Speaker: Lars Avermarie 

I am a physiotherapist, writer, internationally acclaimed lecturer, teacher, and personal trainer. I have a unique blend of knowledge about pain research, neuroscience, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, evidence-based medicine, science, and critical thinking. I have worked over a decade full-time in the health industry, as both a manager and as an exercise and rehab specialist on a corporate level. I have specialized in training clients with injuries and/or chronic pain.

My background story is that after attending a course on the topic of neuroscience and pain research, I start reading articles and textbooks on pain and neuroscience, after that, I began to read scientific research and reviews from international experts and pain researchers like Moseley, Melzack, Wall, O’Sullivan, Hodges, Deyo, Boden, Boos, Zusman, Arendt-Nielsen, Maher, Kamper, Loeser, Puentedura and Louw. After 2 years of reading scientific papers, while working with clients as a personal trainer, I began to share my experiences of modern pain research and science.

In my work of spreading information on modern pain research, I have gained a lot of international recognition, and my articles have been shared on a global level. Most reconsideration I have received for my two articles on pain research done by Dr. Lorimer Moseley’s, and Dr. Adriaan Louw’s, and my first international article “Why Most People Are Wrong About Injuries and Pain”  has been shared more than 13,000 times on social media (Facebook).

Please feel free to contact me on social media with questions, or further information about my lectures and courses.


  • The 4 prerequisites for modernization
  • International Olympic Committee consensus statement on pain management
  • The major problem of chronic musculoskeletal pain
  • Who is Lars Avemarie?
  • The future of pain rehabilitation
  • There is no pathological or anatomical cause for most LBP
  • The biomedical model and the apparatus error model
  • The “find it and fix it” mindset
  • Pain is a multidimensional experience produced by multiple influences
  • Lose the toolbox
  • Pain management should accept plausibility, uncertainty, and complexity
  • IASP Task Force on Pain Taxonomy
  • Fundamental problems in pain management
  • Lack of education about pain
  • Failures in 21st-century medicine
  • The Beginner’s Guide To Evidence-Based Practice
  • Typical errors in clinical reasoning
  • The communicative therapeutic effort
  • Key points for the modernization of pain rehabilitation
  • Shopping list approach to “updated” care


Webinar Preparation:

Please read the following articles in order to prepare for the webinar:

1. Professor Lorimer Moseley – Explainer: what is pain and what is happening when we feel it? https://theconversation.com/explainer-what-is-pain-and-what-is-happening-when-we-feel-it-49040 2. Moseley 2007, Reconceptualising pain according to modern pain science

2. Moseley 2007, Reconceptualising pain according to modern pain science https://www.researchgate.net/publication/233581683_Reconceptualising_pain_according_to_modern_pain_science

Lars will ask questions about them and we will discuss them further during the webinar!

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  1. Knowledge about pain science is essential for every therapist!


    Really enjoyed this Webinar with Lars.
    Pain science which is up to date with tips on how to apply the knowledge in daily practice.
    Highly recommended for every therapist (Physio/Osteopath/Chiro…).


on Saturday 12th February 2022

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