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2022 Online Sports Conference


The recordings of the 2022 Online Sports Conference


During this 4,5 hour Online Sports Conference You Will Learn About:

– Integrating Blood Flow Restriction Training in Rehab of Runners by Benoy Mathew

– Nutrition in the Injured Athlete by Yann Le Meur

– Missed Scaphoid fracture in a basketball player by Thomas Mitchell

– Exercise for Rotator Cuff Related Shoulder Pain: No Pain No gain? by Filip Struyf

– About Decelerations in ACL rehabilitation: What, Why and How? by Bart Dingenen

– The Role of Change of Direction Mechanics in Lower Limb Muscle and Tendon Injuries in Elite Sport by Enda King

– Patellofemoral Pain in the Sporty Adolescent Athlete by Claire Robertson

– Personalised Care in Sports by Andrew Cuff

Delivered Online by 8 Leading International Experts in the field of Sports Rehabilitation

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