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Ittar is sometimes referred to in the form of attar Ittar is an essential oil that is derived from plants. Most often, the oils are extracted by steam distillation or hydro. The Persian doctor Ibn Sina was first to discover the floral attar from distillation.  Attar may be expressed using chemical means , however generally, natural fragrances that qualify as ittars are made by distilling water. The oils are usually distillated into a base of wood like sandalwood and matured. The period of aging could last up to 10 years, depending on the plant species used and the desired results. Technically speaking, ittars are distillates made from flowers or spices, herbs, and other natural substances like baked soil over the oil of sandalwood or liquid paraffins by using a the hydrodistillation method that involves an astill ( deg) and a receiving vessel ( bhapka). These methods remain in use in in Kannauj in India and Buy Mitti Attar Online

Types of uses and usage
Ittars are usually classified according to their effects in the body. Ittars that are warm, such as amber, musk, as well as it is a kesar (saffron) are commonly used during winter because it is believed that they boost the body’s temperature. In the same way, cool ittars like rose, jasmine, khus Kewda and mogra can be utilized in summer for their believed cooling effects on the body.
Musk can be described as an aromatic compounds produced from Moschus moschiferus which is a unique species of male deer throughout the Himalayas. The chemical that is used to create the musk is only produced by mature male Moschus and the process to acquire it requires the killing of deer. Because of this, the demand for it has resulted in the extinction of all deer species that are musk-based and has contributed to the increase in synthetic musk, also known as white musk. Buy Natural Attar Online

The ideas portrayed in Attar’s works reflect the entire progress in Sufi thought. Sufi movement. The premise that he began with is the belief that the soul’s body-bound departure and return to the home in the realm of the spirit can be felt in the present time in a mystic union that can be achieved through inner purification.  In explaining his ideas, ‘Attar’ employs material that is not limited to specifically Sufi sources, but also earlier ascetic traditions. Though the characters he cites are in majority Sufis or ascetics, he does also include narratives drawn from the historical chronicles anecdotes collections and other forms of highly-regarded literature.  His ability to understanding the deeper meanings of the appearance of things allows him to transform details from everyday life into visual representations of his ideas. The uniqueness of his presentations discredits his work as a source for studying the historical people are introduced. As sources for the the hagiology and the phenomenology of Sufism however his works are of great worth.

Based on his writings, he viewed the existing Aristotelian tradition with suspicion and dislike.[14][15He didn’t intend to divulge what nature’s secrets were. This is especially evident when it comes to medicine that fell within the realm of his expertise as a pharmacist. There was no reason to impart his expertise in the way that is common for the court panegyrists who wrote a type of poetry he detested and never attempted to practice. This knowledge is only incorporated into his work in situations when the topic of the story is connected to a particular field of natural sciences. Buy Natural Essential Oils Online

Based on Edward G. Browne, Attar along with Rumi and Sana’i were Sunni according to the fact that their poetry is brimming by praises for the two caliphs Abu Bakr and Umar ibn al-Khattab, who were snubbed by Shia mysticism.[11 According to Annemarie Schmelmel, the tendency of Shia writers to include prominent poets of the mystical genre, such as Rumi and Attar within their numbers, increased after the establishment of Twelver Shia as the state religion of the Safavid Empire in 1501.[1616. Best Attar brands in India

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