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Essay on the topic “Can I communicate?


One day at recess I witnessed a quarrel of my two classmates. They said a lot of hurtful words to each other and because of that they almost fought. Dismissing them, our math teacher Aleksey Sergeevich said that kids just do not know how to communicate, and because of this there are all quarrels. I remember thinking that day about my own communication skills.


Do I know how to use payforessay.pro communicate? I don’t know how much of a judge of that I am. It’s more a question to ask my friends. I hope that they will answer it positively, because we have never had such strong quarrels or even fights as my classmates have.


We try to solve all problems peacefully, without offending each other. I think the ability to avoid conflicts – this is the main principle of proper communication. And this principle works well not only with my friends, but also with my parents or teachers.


The conversation can not be successful and if during the conversation people interrupt each other all the time. So I always try to pay for essay correction be respectful and listen to the other person.


But when I start talking I sometimes get carried away and at a certain point I realize that my long speeches may have already bored my friends. So, to write my capstone paper for me make communication interesting for everyone, you need to be able to stop in time. This is a quality I try to cultivate in myself.


As for talking to strangers, I cannot boast of any special talents. It’s hard for me to just walk up to an unknown boy or girl, introduce myself and start a conversation. At the same time I never shy away from communication, and if a person finds me interesting for some reason, I am happy to join the conversation with him.


So, I think I can still communicate, I just do not strive to be a leader. But in any business is important experience and a desire to improve their skills. Communication in this sense is also no exception.


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