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How to successfully pass the examAll graduates dream of successfully passing the exam. The most diligent even manage to get the highest score. In this compilation, we have collected our interviews with those who passed the exam, who shared their experiences and secrets.

“When I could understand what I would write in the essay, everything was simplified”The first exam I took was writing a paper. At the time I was a little worried: I didn’t quite know what to expect and so I used Editius to prepare. But when we were given options in the audience, everything turned out to be quite simple. I calmed down and began to decide, there was enough time for several checks. I left the exam in a good mood.For all the time I studied, I wrote assignments for writing essays only five times. Right before the exam, I took up https://editius.com/paper-editing-services/ and it helped me, because something similar came across on the exam. I did the entire essay writing exam in about an hour, then sat back and checked.The English language is said to have been quite simple this year, because the strict attachment to literary argument has been abandoned. The range of problems seems to have widened. This left me a little confused, but when I was able to figure out what I would write in an essay using https://editius.com/resume-proofreading/, everything became easier. After that, I had no doubt that everything was fine with me.There was only computer science, which I had practically never solved before. Just looked at last year’s collection. The assi-gnments are familiar. The exam itself was more difficult: the tasks are simple, but there are a lot of them, most of the time is spent on checking.For the exam, I chose English, essay writing, mathematics and computer science. I started preparing only in the 11th grade, around April. I believe that each final exam tests the knowledge gained during the study, so it is generally not necessary to start preparing in advance. It is enough to know the subject at a good level.I had a tutor only in Russian, because this is not my core subject, but an essay is a rather specific format.For the rest of the subjects, I just flipped through the tasks in the collections in order to roughly understand the system and format of the exam

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