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This first of its kind online course offers an incredible continuing education opportunity for clinicians who manage patients with lower limb muscle and tendon injuries of the hamstrings, quadriceps and calf muscles.

The course instructor is Enda King, PhD, who combines his roles as a sports physiotherapist, strength and conditioning coach, researcher, and educator through his work with individual athletes and elite teams across a spectrum of sports and disciplines. Currently, he is Head of Performance Rehabilitation with Sports Surgery Clinic, Dublin, Ireland.

This course will enable clinicians to become confident in managing patients with lower limb muscle and tendon injuries.

After this course, participants will, among others:

  • understand the structure and mechanical properties of tendons
  • understand the importance and influence of load on tendon health and function
  • understand the healing process of ruptured tendon; understand the healing process of tendinopathy
  • be able to describe the management strategies for tendinopathy
  • understand the structural components of muscle tissue and in combination with the nervous system how they generate forces and their mechanical properties
  • understand the mechanisms behind muscle hypertrophy and increased neural drive that lead to increased capacity to produce force
  • understand the mechanisms of muscle injury and the process involved relating to healing and repair
  • be able to overview and justify key components that should be included in a rehabilitation assessment and outline the key assessment methods for each
  • be able to explore exercise selection, coaching and programming to optimise restoration of function and performance based on a specific problem list
  • be able to overview key criteria for progression and transition through rehabilitation and outline the physical and non-physical factors that influence RTP decision making

The contents of this course are evidence-based recommendations retrieved from the latest scientific and clinical research. The course ends with 3 case examples that will allow course participants to apply their newly acquired knowledge to clinically relevant scenarios.

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