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Course Curriculum

Presentations (click to expand)
Negotiating The Evidence Maze In Persistent Pain 01:20:00
Implementing Pain Science Education into Clinical Practice 01:00:00
When Biomechanics DOESN’T Matter: A Choose Your Own Adventure Lecture 01:00:00
Pregnancy ≠ Pain 01:17:00
Fear In Chronic Pain: Mechanisms & Effective Treatment 01:00:00
More Than Words: How Can We Help People Express Their Experience Of Pain? 01:00:00
The Brain in Chronic Pain 01:07:00
Pain: The Patient’s Perspective 01:32:00
The Patient’s Story – The Science Behind the Story 00:58:00
Cultivating Mindfulness and Compassion In Our Lives 01:29:00
The Pain Truth & Nothing But: Simplifying Pain Education 00:52:00
“That’s all very interesting, but my pain is real” – Serenity Amidst Pushback 00:58:00
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