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Course Curriculum

Recovery for Sports Performance
Recovery in Sports Performance – Introduction 00:00:00
Analyze the situation – What is the etiology of performance decline? 00:00:00
The 4R of Recovery: Repair, Rehydrate, Restore, Refresh 00:00:00
Repair: Strategies to promote muscle regeneration and to reduce muscle soreness 00:00:00
Restore: Managing nutrition to speed-up glycogen replenishment 00:00:00
Rehydrate: Tips to optimize post-exercise rehydration 00:00:00
Refresh: Recovery is not only about physiology: Strategies to promote mental recovery 00:00:00
Recovery: Is it all about post-exercise strategies? The importance of physical fitness on the recovery kinetic 00:00:00
Recovery: Too much of a good thing? When recovery strategies may interfere with the training-induced adaptations 00:00:00
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