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Finally Learn how to Diagnose & Treat Patients with Headaches

Claim your seat on our online course “Headache Treatment in Clinical Practice” by top headache researcher René Castien To Finally Learn How to help Patients with different forms of Headache

Finally Understand Headaches & Learn How Physiotherapy Can be Effective for Patients with Headaches

Headaches are so prevalent in patients we often don’t even consider them as something that can be treated. Patients often take it as something they have to live with and use medication for relief.

However, research has shown that physiotherapy & manual therapy is more effective for different forms of headaches than usual care +/- medication. And yet, many clinics don’t offer any help to this huge patient group as they often lack knowledge & skills.

In our Online Course ”
Headache Treatment in Clinical Practice” by top headache researcher René Castien from the Vrije University of Amsterdam we help you to become an expert in the clinical treatment of different forms of headaches.

René has currently published 28 papers on headaches and has taught thousands of manual therapy MSc students at SOMT University Amersfoort & Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He can do exactly the same for you from the comfort of your home – so you can become a headache expert too!


Diagnose & Treat All Common Types of Headache

Screening, diagnosing, and treating patients with headaches is a challenging, but highly rewarding task we are confronted with as therapists.

Many therapists either don’t know how physiotherapy can be highly effective for headaches or are overwhelmed by the complexity of patients suffering from chronic headaches.

When is a headache a red flag? Is it related to the neck, tension-type headache, or migraine? How to assess those forms? What treatment techniques should I use? How are headaches influenced by psychosocial and lifestyle issues?

If you’re unsure about the questions above, you will absolutely love this online course.

Here’s An Overview Of What You Will Learn in This Online Course:

🧠 1. Classification of Headaches  (2h 23 minutes)
1.1 International Classification of Headache Disorders III (ICHD III)

🦢 2. Headache & the Cervical Spine (6h 27min)
2.1 Headache & Neck Pain
2.2 The Anatomy of the Upper Cervical Spine & The Myodural Bridge
2.3 The Association Between Cervical Spine Dysfunction & Headache

💆‍♀️ 3. Treatment for Headache (2h 45min)
3.1 Treatment Modalities & Their Effectiveness for Headache
3.2 Treatment Mechanisms of Physical Treatment for Headache

🎓 4. Course Quiz & Practical Application (2 hours 35 min)
4.1 Headache Course Quiz
4.2 Case Studies: Clinical Reasoning Applied
4.3 Practical Application & Internship Offer


Sadly Knowledge & Skills about Headaches in Physiotherapists is Scarce

Not many curricula of physio schools/universities spend much time on the pathophysiology, assessment & management of headaches.

This is unfortunate as headaches are even more prevalent than low back pain. Why should we leave this patient group abandoned, while treatment of headaches has been proven to be very effective with physiotherapy and manual therapy?

This online course offers you the chance to finally help headache sufferers in your clinic. Top headache researcher René Castien will take you by the hand and lead you through his clinical reasoning process when treating different types of headaches.

Trial & Error. Learn from a Top Expert in The Field

Why waste years and money struggling along, trying to figure things out for yourself? You can save this time and money and get a much better result when you follow the guidance of headache top researcher René Castien! This will be the first and last course you will need in order to learn exactly how to assess & manage the patient with headaches you’re seeing in practice tomorrow.

Are you ready to become a headache specialist from the comfort of your home? To expand the expertise of your clinical to this huge patient group who unfortunately often turn to inferior treatment options. Then claim your seat while you still can.





About the Instructor

Rene CastienDr. René Castien is a senior researcher at the Department general practice & elderly care medicine Amsterdam UMC, the Department of Human Movement Science, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, and at the SOMT University, Amersfoort, the Netherlands. René completed his PhD research on manual therapy and chronic tension-type headache (2013). His research is published in international journals and has presented the results of his work on (inter)national conferences, workshops, and Masterclasses. Recent research is focused on the effectiveness and working mechanisms of manual therapy on headaches.
Besides his academic activities, René works as a specialized manual therapist in a primary care Headache Centre.


Course Reviews


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  1. Great course


    Good didactic qualities of the teacher with clearly noticeable theoretical knowledge

  2. Detailed and Very Informative


    This course is ideal to expand one’s knowledge on headaches and how to effectively treat them.
    The instructor is extremely knowledgeable and provides very practical information, easily applicable in the clinic.
    I would highly recommend taking this course to anyone interested in becoming an expert at treating headaches.

  3. Quality course


    I highly recommend this course. You will get many tips of articles who are relevant for diagnostic and treatment of the most common headaches and migraine. Castien is also a great teacher, and explain the stuff in a good way. He has also informative videos.

  4. informatieve cursus


    Leuke en interessante hoofdpijn cursus waarbij gebruik gemaakt wordt van up to date wetenschappelijke onderzoeken. Er wordt een mooie afwisseling gemaakt tussen theorie en praktijk. Na deze cursus kun je goed onderscheid maken tussen verschillende soorten hoofdpijn en weet je wat de beste behandelmethode is.

  5. Great learning experience


    First time doing a full online formation on a subject and it was amazing, great way to move through the different topics.
    The assessment and quizz keeps you accountable and you have a great, practical tool that you can apply directly into your practice like next day in.

    Highly recommended

  6. Quality guaranteed


    First time using Physiotutors; a very user friendly way of learning. An in depth theoretic background to start off with, before continuing to a more practical approach. After every chapter, you’re invited to do a little quiz and thus test yourself. Highly applicable course for your practice.

  7. Good insight on headache treatment


    First time doing a course with physiotutors.
    I would say the content is very useful, interesting and up to date.
    The only downside on this course was for some videos in the practice section, the sound wasn’t working. However, the videos were fairly straight forward without the sound so it was fine to understand the content, so it wasn’t much of an issue to have no sound.
    For some section, it didn’t include the latest research but it’s difficult to constantly update the content of a course when new research is published everyday.
    One very good point was the fact that the teacher critics some of the studies that were published so you feel that it’s not just reading the conclusion.

  8. An experts guide through the headache landscape!


    No better tutor than René Castien to introduce us to the fascinating field of the treatment rationale and possibilities for physio- and manual therapists. Uptodate, for so far as possible in this fast moving field, practical and with a good deal of treatment options that are both evidence based and with a good deal of clinical expertise. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and was pleasantly surprised by the clear and methodogical presentation of the material. I can highly recommend this course to any clinician engaged with or interested in the treatment of patients with headache. A no nonsense, applicable and practical course!

  9. a lot of information!


    a lot of good informations, articles.
    A really good help to improve your comprehension and your practice

  10. Great course


    Well-structured course with lots of evidence-based material.
    Theory is well explained and you get a lot of additional reading material.
    I would like to see improved quality of the explanations in the video portion of the course.

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