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Learn to Provide the Best Evidence-based Care to Help Patients with Chronic Pain

Claim your seat on our online course “Central Sensitisation in Chronic Pain: From the Lab to the Clinic” by top pain researcher Jo Nijs To Finally Learn How to get Patients with Central Sensitization Back on Track


Understand the Role of Central Sensitisation in your Clinical Decision Making

Are you struggling with patients suffering from chronic pain and unsure how to recognize central sensitisation? Do you feel overwhelmed by all of those treatment methods that are advertised for patients in chronic pain…and not sure what you should actually focus on?
Are you tired of following yet another theoretical course on pain science that doesn’t teach you concrete steps on how to help patients with a sensitised nervous system?
In our Online Course “Central Sensitisation in Chronic Pain: From the Lab to the Clinic” by top pain researcher Jo Nijs from the University of Brussels we help you to translate the latest findings from research to practice in working with patients suffering from chronic pain.
Jo Nijs has taught >3k clinicians in 99 courses all over the world and he can do the same for you online from the comfort of your home.  As Europe’s #1 and world’s #3 chronic pain researcher, he will share his knowledge with you via this online course so you can better help your patients with chronic pain tomorrow.


Diagnose & Treat Central Sensitisation

Screening, diagnosing and treating patients with chronic pain is probably the most challenging task we are confronted with as therapists. 

Many therapists are often overwhelmed by the complexity of patients suffering from persistent pain.

Should we explain pain? Use metaphors? Just work through the pain or completely avoid it? How should we address psychosocial and lifestyle issues? 

If you’re unsure about the questions above, you will absolutely love this online course.



Here’s An Overview Of What You Will Learn in This Online Course:

🧠 1Definition and psychoneuroimmunology: What is central sensitization?  (1h 20 minutes)

🤔 2. Clinical reasoning: How can I integrate central sensitization into my clinical reasoning? (1 hour 50min minutes) + Case Study (1 hour 34 minutes)

🔍 3. Differential Diagnosis in Central Sensitization (2 hours 12 minutes)

👨‍🏫 4. Pain Neuroscience Education (2 hours 18 minutes)

🧑‍⚕️ 5. Treatment: How can I treat Central Sensitisation? (2 hours 26 minutes)

🎓 6. Central Sensitization – Course Quiz (30 minutes)



Sadly A Lot Of Therapists Are Overwhelmed by Patients in Chronic Pain

Unfortunately, many colleagues feel overwhelmed by the complexity of patients in chronic pain. This is completely understandable as persistent pain is multidimensional and requires a multidimensional, biopsychosocial approach

In this online course, one of the leading researchers in the field of chronic pain will take you by the hand. Jo Nijs will take you through his thought process when working with patients with persistent pain step by step, so you can learn a structured approach to finally help patients who need a great therapist the most. 


Save Yourself Years of Costly Trial & Learn from THE Top Expert in The Field

Why waste years and money struggling along, trying to figure things out for yourself? You can save this time and money and get a much better result when you follow the guidance of pain top researcher Jo Nijs!  It’s like a shortcut to know exactly how to assess & manage the patient you’re seeing in practice tomorrow.

Are you ready to become a chronic pain specialist in the shortest time possible from the comfort of your home? To have more confidence without years of hard work it usually takes? Then claim your seat while you still can.



About the Instructor

Jo Nijs is a professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Brussels, Belgium), physiotherapist/manual therapist at the University Hospital Brussels, holder of a Chair on oncological physiotherapy funded by the Berekuyl Academy, the Netherlands, and part of the Visiting Professor program of the University of Gothenburg (Sweden). Jo runs the Pain in Motion international research group (www.paininmotion.be). The primary aim of his research is to improve care for patients with chronic pain. At the age of 45, he has (co-)authored 268 peer-reviewed publications (including papers in high impact journals such as The Lancet, JAMA Neurology, and The Lancet Rheumatology3k clinicians in 99 courses held in 12 countries spread over 4 continents. His work has been cited >7.7k times (h-index: 48), with 26 citations per article (ISI Web of Knowledge). Jo is ranked 3rd in the world among chronic pain researchers (1st in Europe; expertscape.com), received the 2017 Excellence in Research Award from the JOSPT (USA), and the 2020 Francqui Collen Chair awarded by the University of Hasselt, Belgium.



Here’s Another Taste Of What You Can Expect When You Book the Online Course

👣 ​ A step-by step guide on central sensitisation in chronic pain by a world-leading expert:
Jo’s expertise will help you to evaluate the central sensitisation, how to differentiate central sensitisation from other “diseases” and how to manage it based on the latest evidence-based principles

⌛ Study Whenever You Want:
You can start this course whenever you want and study at your own time and pace. This is no silly 2 day weekend online course or a course that you have to attend at fixed times.
You will also get unlimited access so you can always come back and refresh your knowledge. No annoying subscription models, but a ONE-Time payment (or pay in 3 installments)

📚 The Latest Research & Science:
References used from hundreds of scientific papers (direct links to PubMed provided) and further reading material for you to dig in deep!

💰 Fully Packed Content worth €500+:
12+ hours of content in 6 units that would normally cost €500+ if we compare it to the usual CPD courses which charge €250-300/7h

🎲 ​ Gamified learning experience:
Collect credits by solving video quizzes and handing in the case study to lock in the learning and test your knowledge in the final course quiz

🤓 Active Learning Approach:
You don’t learn from just watching 12 hours of videos. We believe that different media and engagement is necessary to really improve your knowledge

📱 ​Accessible on All Devices from Wherever You Are:
Access the course on your laptop, phone or tablet from the comfort of your home or while you’re in the bus, tram or train

🎓 CEU/CPD points:
Course accreditation in most countries, just ask us if this is relevant for you.  Accreditation points for the KNGF registers algemeen, psychosomatisch (13 points) as well as Keurmerk & Pro-Kiné.

🏆 Award-Winning Team:
Andreas & Kai have won the award for the best Bachelor Thesis in Europe in Physiotherapy for their research on Blended Learning in Healthcare back in 2016. We have more knowledge and experience in the design of online learning

☝️ ​ #MoreThanAWebinar:
Not all online courses are created equal! So many products are popping off the ground everywhere with lousy video content recorded on a webcam. And also…don’t make the mistake to waste your hard-earned on a 2-day zoom call with a speaker!

Claim Your Seat on Our Online Course Central Sensitisation in Chronic Pain: From the Lab to the Clinic (Worth €500+)

*Covers 14+ hours of content. Compared to the usual costs of a 14-hour weekend CPD course rating at €250-300/7h

This is ONLY for people who are serious about becoming better clinicians. So if you don’t want to put in the work and the study time to really become better, then this online course is probably not for you and it’s better to just watch a webinar of an hour to relax at the end of the day. But if you ARE serious, then save yourself years of costly trial & error by using our proven clinical reasoning strategies to provide the best care possible for your patients chronic pain.


Course Reviews


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  1. Excellent course ! I feel much more confident for treating patients with CS


    Even though I already knew a lot on central sensitization, I have still learned a lot thanks to this course. I feel much more confident for treating patients with CS. The course is perfectly organized, very complete but it goes also straight to the point and is easy to follow thanks to the different learning modalities (texts, videos, quizz…). Thank you so much Jo Nijs and the Physiotutors Team for your incredible work !

  2. THE course you need to treat patients with Persistent Pain


    Excellent course, delivered in a very clear, organised and detailed manner.
    The course is very interactive, including a mix of written texts, videos, quizzes (and more!), which makes the learning experience much more effective and fun.
    The knowledge acquired is immediately applicable in the clinic.
    VERY much recommended to anyone working with people suffering from persistent pain.

  3. This course will change your perception of (chronic) pain !


    Before starting this course, I already had some knowledge of Central Sensitization, but I was not sure how to integrate this into my treatment. In addition, I only knew the Central Sensitization Index as diagnostic, which is not complete enough.

    This course allowed me to review everything in depth, from diagnosis to treatment, with a lot of informations on PNE, examples and tips to achieve progress with the patient, and the least I can say is that if I had to recommend an online course as my first choice, it would be this one. It’s astonishing how this course has implications for the daily clinic, because there are plenty of either chronic patients or patients for whom pain education may be needed.

    Thanks to Physiotuttors and Jo Nijs for the quality!

  4. Sensibilisatie bij chronische pijn.


    Easy to learn the principales of treatmant for chronic pain.
    Also well explained the 3 differentiations
    of chronic pain.

  5. Central Sensitization in Patients with Persistent Pain: From The Lab to the Clinic


    Good course, very positive the unlimited access so that I can watch and re-watch each section.

  6. Love the course


    Already knew a lot about chronic pain but still learned a lot!!

  7. Great course


    Great course, did it twice already (before taking the test) and probably will do it a few times more because there is so much to learn.

  8. Central sensitization in chronic pain with persistent pain


    The course it was so good to improve my knowledge about chronic pain and how to classify the pain (nociceptive, nerophatic, central sensitization). It was easier to understand how to understand and explain to the patients (with methaphors or examples), like the spam filters, for the patients to know that sometimes the pain filters are not really well working, but at least you can give hopes and using scoping strategies and shared the decision with your patient, for him/her fell confortable in the treatment!

    It was my first time studying pain, and specially the Pain neuroscience education (and we can see how important is to changing the maladaptive beliefs, and making the patient reflecting about their lifestyle, and how they can improve, and use scoping strategies to manage their own pain).

    Really thankfull to all the knowledge Jo Nijs. I would definetely recommended our course for every people that want to learn about it.

  9. Very interresting information about Central Sensitization.


    I highly recommend this course about chronic pain.
    I am a physical therapist that did not know about the practical information Jo Nijs has put in the course.

  10. Great Material


    This was my first time taking an online course so I didn’t know what to expect. I usually struggle to keep my concentration when sitting behind the computer but with this course I really didn’t ! I actually looked forward to it.

    The multiple media sorts used and the different type of testing made it very varied and easy to maintain focus. The extra material provided is great and I love the fact you can keep referring back to previous videos chapters etc this is something that isn’t possible in live courses!

    The course itself is very interesting and something I will definitely be incorporating into practice.

    Highly recommended!

  11. Excelent course


    Excellent course!

    It is a pleasure to learn from Jo Nijs. It has been a very interesting course to update yourself on Central Sensitization. Totally recommended. Thank you.

  12. Fantastic course


    Super practical with lots of information. Glad you can watch over and over! well worth it!

  13. 5

    i highly recommend this course if you want to take the management of patients with central sensitization to the next level. nothing needs to be said about the reputation of the instructor, jo nijs is of course a legend. i find him a very pleasant lecturer. The content is packed with a high level of information and is practical. a big compliment also to the physiotutors team for providing the online courses, which are a real goldmine for evidence-based physiotherapy

  14. Leuke cursus


    Interessante cursus! Op eigen tempo te volgen. Veel geleerd, dus aan te bevelen voor iedereen die meer over dit onderwerp wil leren.

  15. 5

    Prima online cursus die me veel inzichten en handvatten heeft gegeven die direct toepasbaar zijn in mijn osteopathie en fysiotherapie praktijk.

  16. Cursus Centrale sensitisatie


    Een zeer duidelijke en leervolle cursus. Ontzettend veel geleerd en alles werd duidelijk uitgelegd. Ik heb nu echt het gevoel dat ik patiënten met chronische pijn en centrale sensitisatie kan helpen. Bedankt!

  17. Centrale sensitiatie cursus


    Zeer goed klinisch onderbouwde cursus, waar stapsgewijs van basale info tot diepgaande informatie omtrent centrale sensitisatie je wordt meegenomen in de aanpak bij deze type patient. Aanrader als je meer over dit topic wilt weten.

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