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Course Curriculum

General Introduction
Course Introduction & Personal Background 00:00:00
Course Tour 00:00:00
Introduction on ACL Injuries
Anatomy of the ACL 00:00:00
Epidemiology of ACL Injuries 00:00:00
Return to Sport 00:00:00
Re-Injury Risk 00:00:00
Injury Mechanisms, Risk Factors & Screening
Injury Mechanisms of ACL Injuries: How do you tear your ACL? 00:00:00
What are the Risk Factors for ACL Injury? 00:00:00
Screening and ACL Injuries 00:00:00
Consequences of ACL Injuries
Biomechanical Consequences 00:00:00
Sensorimotor Alterations 00:00:00
Psychological Consequences 00:00:00
Long-term Consequences 00:00:00
Motor Learning in ACL Prevention & Rehabilitation
Definitions and Principles of Motor Learning 00:00:00
An ACL Injury, now what?
Manual Orthopaedic Clinical Examination 00:00:00
What are the Treatment Options after ACL Injury? 00:00:00
Non-operative Rehabilitation after ACL Injury: What to do? 00:00:00
ACL Reconstructions
Basic Background & Graft Types 00:00:00
Operative Techniques in Children 00:00:00
Biological Healing 00:00:00
Preoperative Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation Continuum: The Concept 00:00:00
Preoperative Rehabilitation 00:00:00
Postoperative Rehabilitation after ACL Reconstruction
General Information 00:00:00
Stage 1: Early Postoperative Rehabilitation 00:00:00
Stage 2: Sensorimotor Preparation 00:00:00
Stage 3: Advanced Activity & Strengthening 00:00:00
Stage 4: Late Stage & Sport-Specific Training 00:00:00
Stage 5: Gradual Re-Integration 00:00:00
Stage 6: Follow-Up 00:00:00
Where Do We Typically Fail with our Rehabilitation? 00:00:00
ACL Injury Prevention
ACL Injury Prevention Essentials 00:00:00


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