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This first-of-its-kind online course offers an incredible continuing education opportunity for clinicians who manage patients with ACL injuries.

The course instructor is Dr. Bart Dingenen, who is a lecturer, researcher, and sports physiotherapist from Belgium. He has conducted research and published several academic papers on ACL rehabilitation and other lower limb injuries.

This course will enable clinicians to become confident in managing patients after ACL injury and make sure no crucial aspects of this lengthy rehabilitation are overlooked.


After this course, participants will, among others:

  • know whether we can screen for ACL injuries, and how to apply this clinically
  • be able to describe the key sensorimotor, biomechanical, & psychological consequences of ACL injuries
  • be able to optimize instructions, feedback and structure of exercise prescription to optimize motor learning in function of ACL rehabilitation and prevention
  • be able to describe treatment decision-making modifiers and prognostic factors after ACL injury
  • be able to describe and understand the basic principles and the advantages and disadvantages of each of the graft types or orthopaedic procedures being used during ACL reconstruction
  • be able to describe the key content of preoperative treatment programs of ACL injuries
  • be able to apply a criteria-based treatment after ACL injury and ACL reconstruction across different stages
  • be able to optimize return to sport decision-making


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The contents of this course are evidence-based recommendations retrieved from the latest scientific and clinical research. The course ends with a real-world case study that will allow course participants to apply their newly acquired knowledge.


We are sure that after taking this course you will be 100% confident in managing patients with ACL injury and maximizing the potential of their rehab journey.


This course is accredited continuing education. Click here for more info.


To receive an achievement badge & certificate you will need a score of 70% in the two summative quizzes.

Course Reviews


13 ratings
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  1. Fantastic course


    If you want to provide the best possible care to your ACL patients this course is a must.
    Extremely detailed over all areas. Nothing else I’ve seen like it. Great job guys.



    I think it’s the most comprehensive course on ACL right now. It perfectly addresses the latest updates on the subject. My congratulations to the whole team for the course and to Bart Dingenen for sharing all his work. Greetings!



    This really is a fabulous course. Everything you need to know about ACL injuries and rehabilitation is discussed and supported by research. I would highly recommend this course – thank you Bart!

  4. Just do it!


    This course have been nothing but great. So much good information and you can expect to learn a whole lot about all factors affecting the rehabilitation. It was worth every penny and I really recommend anyone treating patients with ACL-injuries to enroll in this course.

  5. Outstanding course!


    This course is more than just webinar. It gives you deep understanding of different aspects and principles of rehabilitation ACL injured and reconstructed patients. Thank you, Bart and all Physiotutors team for uptodated information on different topics regarding this definetly tough topic. Despite that fact that I had some experience working with different ACL-patients I got structured whole information and gained a lot of new ideas to implement into my clinical practise!

    Thank you so much!

  6. Everything you need to know about ACL injuries!


    This is the most complete course ever. It contains everything you need to know about ACL injuries. I strongly recommend it to everyone!

  7. TOP!


    Cursus die van A tot Z weergeeft wat een ACL letsel is en hoe de aanpak moet zijn! Het volgen van deze cursus is echt nodig om ACL optimal rehab te kunnen aanbieden.

  8. Very good


    Extremely happy with the content

  9. Very complete course about ACL injuries !


    Very complete course covering all the problems that can be encountered in clinical practice. From understanding the mechanisms of injury to injury prevention and return to performance. Lots of information, all based on recent scientific literature and the instructor’s experience. Thanks Bart & Physiotutors !

  10. The best of the best !


    I am a physiotherapist from Egypt and I have been working in the sports field for two years and dealt with many cases of ACL, but I always stood at certain points and i couldnt understand what was happening and I had many questions that I did not know the answer to, and after I took this course Many points became clear to me, and I had much more confidence in dealing with ACL cases.
    I recommend this course to everyone who deals with acl cases , because it is really as it is in the title, from theory to practice.
    I would like to thank Dr. Bart and Physiotutors for their wonderful effort.

  11. Bring your ACL knowledges to the next level


    I really enjoyed participating to this course.
    Clear and extensive knowledges shared. I was worried about my motivation level learning in front of a screen but the mix between videos and reading is well balanced.
    I learnt a lot during this course and would definitively recommand it to any physio who wants to increase their knowledges regarding ACL rehab.

  12. Very Informative course


    Can’t be more satisfied with this course content that cover all aspects in the ACL management.

  13. up to date with bart dingenen


    lots of relevant informationen around ACL, many ideas how to manage in practice and especially in late phase after ACL Surgery..
    i defintively recommand this course to everyone who wants to be update and increase his/her knowledge about ACL Rehab.


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