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Kai got his Bachelors of Science degree with honours in Physiotherapy at the European School of Physiotherapy in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 2016. During his studies he gained experience during internships in a variety of settings (primary care, hospitals) in The Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland. Many know him as one of the hosts of Physiotutors, an online physiotherapy education company specialising in providing online learning materials across social media. Since starting Physiotutors in 2013, his audience has risen to over 400.000 people worldwide across several platforms.   Kai is co-author of the 2017 released title: “The Assessment Book: Physiotutors Guide to Orthopaedic Physiotherapy Assessment”, which has gained popularity amongst students and clinicians all over the world. The book is currently in its second edition.   He completed his Masters of Science degree in Manual therapy from SOMT University of Physiotherapy in Amersfoort, The Netherlands in summer 2019.   He is currently working in a private practice in the heart of Amsterdam, where he mainly treats outpatient orthopaedic conditions.   Kai is passionate about the physiotherapy profession and has an entrepreneurial spirit that continue to drive him to develop valuable online educational resources for physiotherapy students and clinicians from all over the world. Along with his co-founder Andreas Heck, he was awarded Europe’s best Bachelor’s thesis in Physiotherapy in 2016. The two investigated the effectiveness of blended-learning vs. traditional learning in healthcare education.   As part of Physiotutors, Kai is regularly invited to speak to students at several Universities across The Netherlands.   License in the Dutch BIG register: 49921254004
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