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Ian Gatt – Elbow & Wrist Injuries in Sports: Optimizing our Approach (Webinar)


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Shoulders, Knees, Ankle, and Backs are probably the areas one would commonly encounter when managing sporting injuries. Yet wrists and elbows do occur, with high prevalence in certain sports. For some cases, these can be straightforward, however, many times we could be left scratching our heads on what to do next. Has it been properly diagnosed? Does it require further scans? Is the rehabilitation appropriate for symptom modification? This evening lecture on ‘Wrist and Elbow injuries in Sports; optimising our approach’ is aimed at providing you with insights on how to ensure you get unstuck or even better, not get stuck from the initial consultation. We will explore considerations around assessment and treatment/rehabilitation strategies, ensuring your toolbox has all the components required.



Enhance the knowledge on the Assessment & Management of Elbow & Wrist Injuries


Speaker: Ian Gatt


Ian is a senior practitioner with the English Institute of Sport and Lead Physiotherapist for GB Boxing having provided services throughout the London and Rio Olympic cycles, and current Tokyo 2020 cycle. Ian is a visiting lecturer at UCL, and has been an associate lecturer at SHU where he is also currently undergoing a PhD in Biomechanics.

He is an advisor to Olympic, Paralympic and Professional sports; delivering educational workshops and supporting practitioners with their respective athletes specifically on hand, wrist and elbow musculoskeletal injuries. He has also been an Associate Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University for the past 6 years.




Elbow & Wrist injuries in Sports: Length 2.5hrs
Elbow Injuries – 1hr
• Relevant Anatomy Explained
• New vs Stubborn Types of Injuries
• Traumatic vs Overuse Types of Injuries
• Differential Diagnosis
• Objective Measures
• Injury Management (Self-Management to Add-Ons)
• Considerations around Return to train post-injury


Wrist injuries – 1hr
• Considerations around the kinetic chain
• Incidence vs Severity
• Mapping out the injuries of the Wrist
• Common Sporting injuries of the Wrist – what to know
• Objective Measures – do we really know what we are doing?
• Are Functional Tests useful for the Wrist?
• Treatment – useful tips
• Rehabilitation – beyond sitting at the table

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