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Course Curriculum

Introduction to EBP 00:45:00
Finding the evidence
Searching and selecting the literature 01:00:00
Creating a clinical question 01:00:00
Access and reference tools 00:30:00
Evaluating articles
How to read an article 00:30:00
Diagnosis 01:00:00
Prognosis 01:00:00
Treatment 01:00:00
Measuring and Clinimetrics
General introduction into measuring 01:00:00
Methodological attributes of measurement instruments 01:00:00
Statistics & Interpretation
Descriptive statistics 01:00:00
Inferential statistics 01:00:00
Interpretation of results from scientific research 01:00:00
Confounding, effect modification, univariate and multivariate regression 01:00:00
Is the p-value really that significant? 00:00:00
Alternative for the p-value 01:00:00
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