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All posts by Lars Avemarie

I am a physiotherapist, writer, internationally acclaimed lecturer, teacher, and personal trainer. I have a unique blend of knowledge about pain research, neuroscience, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, evidence-based medicine, science and critical thinking. I have worked over a decade full-time in the health industry, as both a manager and as a exercise and rehab specialist at corporate level. I have specialized myself in training of clients with injuries and/or chronic pain.   My background story is that after attending a course on the topic of neuroscience and pain research, I start reading articles and textbooks on pain and neuroscience, after that I began to read scientific research and reviews from international experts and pain researchers like Moseley, Melzack, Wall, O’Sullivan, Hodges, Deyo, Boden, Boos, Zusman, Arendt-Nielsen, Maher, Kamper, Loeser, Puentedura and Louw. After 2 years of reading scientific papers, while working with clients as a personal trainer, I began to share my experiences of modern pain research and science.   In my work of spreading information on modern pain research, I have gained a lot of international recognition, and my articles have been shared on a global level. Most reconsideration I have received for my two articles on pain research done by Dr. Lorimer Moseley’s, and Dr. Adriaan Louw’s, and my first international article “Why Most People Are Wrong About Injuries and Pain”  has been shared more than 13,000 times on social media (Facebook).
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