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Firat holds a Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy from HAN University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands (2013) and a Master's degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Brighton in the UK (2018). His passion for vestibular rehabilitation began with his internship at a dizziness and balance clinic in the US (2012). The disorders and patients he saw fascinated him immensely and he knew this was a very interesting field of physical therapy to explore and specialize in. He worked in inpatient and outpatient clinics and was always the vestibular expert for his colleagues and soon decided to take educational modules to teach Vestibular Rehabilitation at postgraduate level. Since 2016 Firat is the founder & owner of the German Institute for Vestibular Rehabilitation (IVRT) and organizes /teaches postgraduate courses for physiotherapists in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.
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